Christine Lindgreen is a Danish designer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. In 2013 Christine attended The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation, where she graduated with a Master degree in Fashion in 2019.

After graduating Christine has pursued her dream of starting the label Christine Lindgreen, where her love for playful colours and poetic designs are combined with a thoughtful production concept.

The garments at Christine Lindgreen are all unique on-of-a-kind pieces, with local on-demand production. Sustainable or dead stock fabrics are carefully chosen for each design.

Design Field

Christine seeks to capture emotion and authenticity, and project this through her collections.

In our fast paced society Christine pauses to recognize seminal moments; fleeting visuals, thoughts and feelings using her garments to translate and visualize this mindset.

Employing industrial and handcrafted techniques, such as 2 and 3 dimensional collaging, embroidery, digital print, and draping.

The garments vary from linear and sculptural to organic free-flowing forms, embodying a sense of movement.

A strong use of color and tactile understanding of fabric helps her to achieve a clean and elegant product.


Christine’s illustrations are a combination of abstract shapes, easygoing animal drawings and a humoristic way of portraying individuals.

Christine is constantly varying color, discovering new combinations as an uninhibited use of watercolor and ink.